Public Classes


Sundays 4:30-5:45pm
Vinyasa Flow - level 2/3
A playful Vinyasa class where yogis kick it up a notch.
Arm balances, handstands, and other wonders await. Come play!

Liberation Yoga in 12 South neighborhood
studio pricing
The Cypress Building - upstairs
2907 12th Ave South

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm
Flow Yoga
A Vinyasa practice building strength, flexibility and balance within a fluid mix of poses. Open to all levels.

Hillsboro Village
$10 drop-in
Belmont UMC - Community Center
corner of 21st & Acklen

Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm
Gentle Yoga
A mellow practice unwinding the body, calming the mind, and finding the breath.
Open to all levels. Sweet for new yogis.

Hillsboro Village
$10 drop-in
Belmont UMC - Parker Hall
corner of 21st & Acklen



Taunia's flow classes hold the perfect balance of continuity from week to week, with just enough new material to engage one mentally and to build upon physically. When I first started coming to her classes, I was drawn to the grace she personally exhibits in her postures. Over time, her classes have become a mainstay for the transcendence they offer my life. Taunia truly connects with each of her students in such a way that I have experienced each week's class to also be a cherished yoga community.

Renee Burnham

During practice with Taunia, I learned how to control and un-control my body, I learned how to accept and let go of all that surrounds me, by being mindful in the moment. Our classes, sometimes mellow, sometimes funky ninja-style, were always an inspiring and relaxing moment in my daily life existence. Thank you so much for this experience, Taunia. You opened my heart for yoga, and so much more.

Sofie Indesteege

Yoga is a valuable gift. I started yoga almost five years ago with Taunia. Our yoga class has changed my life. With Taunia's guidance and instruction my confidence has improved greatly and I feel connected to the rhythm of my body. Yoga has become a sacred part of my week.

Beth Seeley

I had tried several classes and videos before joining Taunia's class years ago, and I just never felt like a yogi. Yoga was something I tried to do or a class I went to. I would critique and judge myself in these classes. Now yoga is a practice. Taunia embraces yoga so beautifully in her own life, and her passion for it flows. I hear friends share horror stories of trying a yoga class and never feeling like they were "good enough" to be there. I can't even imagine that anymore with Taunia. It's a practice that challenges us physically but also meets every student where he or she is. It's exactly what yoga should be, and I am more me than I ever have been since practicing with Taunia. Love it!

Ciona Rouse

I walked in after trying two previous times to start yoga and didn't think I could DO it. Now I just DO what I can, wherever I find my edge. I still can't touch my toes, but I don't need to - yet. I believe that the main thing that I'll practice away from the mat is the patience that is developing, both with others AND with myself. The instruction by "levels" was priceless: "If you need more, go for the bind or just hang out here." Thank you for that attitude.

Robert Overall

Taunia's leading style is peaceful and perfect for me. As I expected, every muscle in my body is sore today. I anticipate walking this afternoon. I feel more fluid and graceful and able to breathe more deeply after two yoga sessions!!

Lori Romersa

Taunia's warmth, passion, and knowledge make her classes a joy. She brought me back to yoga after a yearlong hiatus by helping me cultivate a spirit of playfulness in my practice. I loved her classes so much that I started taking privates with her. My private yoga sessions with Taunia brightened each week. I left feeling both grounded and lifted up. Taunia has an amazing capacity to enrich lives through yoga.

Claire Coenen